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But not when you have Sweet Buddy’s !!!


block chocolate chased by human brain
How to resist temptation? Block chocolate chased by human brain.

Let me tell you guys I’m very sweet and a private person; sweetness is not just in my personality but I carry it in my blood too. Any guess…………… I’m diabetic. I was bit hesitant to write this post. Diabetes though now a common thing, still many people who are diabetic don’t speak of it openly. I’m writing this post for all my sweet friends and what all I had to go through, to control it.

I was 19yrs when I accidentally found how sweet I’m. Honestly, I did not care nor did I realize why my mom is so worried. I had to tell you being sweet caused me my sleep; I was forced to get up early, have a Methi drink in empty stomach; God knows how much I hate it and then go for walk. I was having the urge to kill the doctor for it.


Can anyone tell me how someone can resist themselves from not having sweets in wedding or any occasion? Come on our Indian weddings and festivals are all about sweets. Can you imagine how it feels like when everyone is enjoying sweets and all you can do is watch them eat. And when someone asks you why you are not having you reply, I’m on diet. Highly frustrating. I am sure most of you can relate to me. One thing followed the other and then from Methi drinks it went to Bittergourd and so on. But what no one understood then was my mindset.

Why was it so challenging for me then? Simple, change in lifestyle is not easy for anyone, and for someone like me who is a lazy bone it’s tough. I’m not fitness freak nor do I love working out, be it anything like walking, jogging etc. I love food and sweets I go crazy for them and imagine the restriction on it when you’re young. Result, I lost self-motivation and interest in controlling it.

Then two heroines walked into my life during my graduation days, my so called not so sweet buddies Rajshree and Shriya…wondering why I called them like that; don’t worry “I was just joking”. They are my kick ass buddies and the reason that I could control my sugar. They saw to that I do burn calories, they mercilessly made me climb stairs while they took  lift, mostly we tried walking where ever possible, they  kept an eye on what I eat in canteen and even threatened the poor canteen fellow to keep chocolates away from me. At times I took my frustration on them ,because it felt like a hell compulsion which I hated but they handled my mood swings and anger well. After the graduation when we separated that’s when I realized my sugars were in control because of them.They made working out fun. I did not even realize how time went by and I could not even thank them. So girls if you’re reading this article… thank you.

Everyone of us have someone in our family or friends who’re diabetic, I request all of you to try understand them and slowly make them understand, why they have to do certain things even if they don’t like to do it or if they are lazy like me,the bottom line for we diabetic people is “Its must for survival”, so excuses…. just exercising and keeping an eye in diet won’t do. Mental satisfaction plays a major role, so  find a sweet buddy if don’t have one,if you do enjoy the fun.

Keep motivating them to workout. A working buddy is the best medicine for sweet people; all sweet people need some kick-ass friends, who would be willing to nib your butt when you feel lazy to work out.

It took me 4yrs to realize the seriousness of being sweet. It’s been with me like my shadow in all my ups and downs; though mostly I have fallen sick because of it only. But now I have a hold of it. I mean my sugars are in control now and I’m willingly working towards it. Credit for this goes to my husband as well. He inspires me to workout and he thoroughly monitors my diet as well. The art of mind controlling is not easy it comes with dedication and practice, but with the support of our loved ones, we can overcome anything. I’m trying to control my mind from eating sweets, my struggles is still on.

Disclaimer-  My apologies, if I have hurt anyone’s sentiment by this post. This post is highly subjective.