“Oru kaapi Please!”

When I say Coffee, what’s the first thing that comes your mind? An aromatic creamy brown froth, strong sweet smell and a lingering sharp after taste — that’s how a steaming cup of Indian filter coffee comes on to your senses.

South Indian filter coffee is made from dark roasted beans. If one had to choose three words to describe it, they would be: intense, sweet and rich — three adjectives the average Indian associates with comfort and nourishment.

South Indian Filter Coffee!“Oru kaapi!” That’s how coffee enthusiasts from south India shout out for the drink. When you are get accustomed to its taste ,you just cant have one cup of coffee.

Well for those who don’t know me much, I am a Coffee addict. Even a day spent without having a cup of coffee makes me feel like the day is incomplete. Being a typical south Indian, my day has to begin with a cup of coffee(Kaapi), otherwise I make the life of people around me difficult…seriously no joke, ask my husband.

Almost everybody likes to drink coffee and tea because it has become an internal part of life. Apparently how you drink your coffee/tea can reveal quite a bit about you. I thought about it and felt it to be right as far as I am concern.

Recollecting the day’s, when coffee kept me going…..

1)    A cup of strong, rich and aromatic coffee helps me kick-start my day. It gives me energy to carry on days long work.

2)    In college and office, it gave me the strength to complete my task in time and connect with people in cafes like canteen, Café Coffee Day or Barista.

3)    It helped me resolve a conflict with a friend.

4)    When love is in the air, a cup of coffee brings you closer to your partner.

5)    In stress it lifts my mood.

6)    Lastly if you want some work to be done by your partner it works like a charm.

Now this isn’t the official list of coffee types matching with personality – it may be wrong or right. But it is something to think about.  What does that coffee you choose to drink/buy say about you?

So, all coffee lovers do let me know, what your coffee say about you.


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