Like every girl in her childhood, I too dreamt of having a ‘fairy tale love’. The kind of perfect love which they usually show in movies where a charming prince walks into a girl’s life from absolutely nowhere. Where, he treats his girl no less than a princess. This kind of fairy tale love every girl, may not have lived, but definitely dreamt of. 

But when you gradually transform from a girl into a woman, you eventually realized that whatever they show in movies is exactly opposite to how you had envisioned your tale. Fact is, real life is a bit too realistic and these fairy tale moments are too good to be true.

Let’s see which tale you like a lot-

Fairy Tale Love (FTL): A warm cozy morning with your partner lying on your side. Cuddling with you; caressing your face. And then waking you up with lots of love while the early morning sunlight plays on your body (hold your imagination, though I like were its going…. But that’s how I see it in any romantic films).

 Reality Check: But on the other hand, a usual morning will be like this: He is wrapped up in the bed sheets, hanging on the corner of the bed. Snoring! Sleeping on the pillow which is filled with his drool, with you yelling at him for watching soccer or cricket till late hours and asking him to wake up and get ready for the office. Isn’t it?

Fairy Tale Love (FTL): You wish to fall asleep on his shoulder during a ride or film, and just doze off hearing the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Reality Check: Sorry to disappoint you because he is usually too busy playing games in his phone or watching TV than to offer you a shoulder to sleep on or the destination arrives too quickly, before you fall asleep!

Fairy Tale Love (FTL): A typical Bollywood masala scene where the guy takes his girl out on a shopping spree. Guy starts getting cranky and then suddenly the girl comes out of the changing room, suddenly taking his grasp out by looking like an angel. Bang! Guy’s jaw drops. And then he thinks how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman in his life is.

Reality Check: Frankly speaking, I have never seen a guy doing this for his lady in real life. Actually, the fact is that most of the men do not enjoy shopping as much as women do. For them, shopping is a horribly eccentric and bizarre activity. The very idea of taking their women out on a shopping spree pisses them off. And if somehow they do take you out, they prefer to pick the first dress you try on, without further ado or choose a dress of his choice.

Fairy Tale Love (FTL): This one is my favorite because I always dreamt of cooking food or washing dishes together with my partner. And he would get bed tea and breakfast in morning for me everyday.

Reality Check- This one hit me so hard, that I am warning you all; don’t you even dare to dream of getting a bed tea and breakfast from him that too early morning. Things like this hardly happen in real life. Forget it he will enter kitchen only to grab some food not to cook.

 I think it’s enough; you have understood what I am trying to say. So all beautiful ladies; wake up stop expecting too much. But the love story that you have built with your partner in reality, with expecting things as it is, it’s in itself a tale. All love stories need not be perfect, but the journey of making one’s story is.


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