Weight Issues!!


I was just browsing the internet when I read an article about Urban India is getting weight conscious and women are more determined to lose weight to enhance their beauty.  And it made me wonder why so many women are conscious to lose weight. What is the big deal of losing weight? And, what has that got to do with beauty? I was never conscious of losing weight in my young age, and even now I’m not. But yes today, I’m conscious of what I eat and how much and not with the intention to lose weight but to be healthy.

So I asked myself; why people who are slim and fit also fuss over their weight? Then I recalled the discussion I had with my friend, she said I want to lose weight; to fit in my favorite dress before her sister’s wedding and look beautiful. But I was wondering she was already having a wonderful body with no side angles hanging anywhere; so what make her feel such a way. Then I browsed through the internet again; and found the reason why many women feel such a way.

1) All want to Look Good: This was the primary factor for people in the younger age group (under 35) and the top reason among women (above 35).
2) Improve Confidence: Surprisingly, improving confidence was associated with beauty and weight loss among women. My sister in law after giving birth wanted to lose weight in order to get back her husband’s attention to her, this she said will give her confidence to carry on.

3) Better Health: This was most common among those who were obese or with health issues.

So whoever is reading this article, do let me know is losing weight associated with beauty? For me beauty and weight loss are two different things. Because I feel some fat women also look beautiful and weight loss should be done keeping health in mind not beauty; as health is wealth. And good looks just fade away over the period of time. Everyone cannot look like Aishwarya Rai. For me, beauty is more to do with an individual’s psyche. Just as Plato quoted “Beauty lies in the eye of beholder”, I feel it stays true to this that, an Individual perseverance of beauty is different for all.

Let me know your views!!


One thought on “Weight Issues!!

  1. First of all, nice piece of writing Sneha! 🙂

    For me, I don’t want to put unnecessary fat across my body. This idea is not to prove a point to the male fraternity or to garner applause from other female counterparts, but this is my choice to stay fit. I was a fat kid as I grew up and over the years due to several reasons have shed tremendously. I know I looked human then and I look so now as well. My weight has never been the backbone of my so called “beauty” (If at all I can claim to be so).All I wanted was to enjoy my life, eat right, eat good and enjoy my meals.
    I have noticed that many women crib and there is no solution to their whining attitudes. It is our individualistic perception of what beauty may be and humanly it can never be certified.
    So, as long as we feel we are beautiful, we are.

    Peace out 🙂

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