9 Annoying Online Habits


To everyone reading it’s my personal opinion nothing against anyone. I have listed online habits that I find it annoying. Also, your views can differ from mine. So, you can add in more or better tell me your views on what online habits annoy you lot.

Take a look at mine below-

1)  Hash Tag Everything #-

People on Facebook, Twitter and even while texting few decide to add unnecessary hashtags to their messages. Sure, hash tagging a show, city or trending topic makes sense, but adding”#” in front of every sentence is #just kind of annoying. PRO TIP- Please doesn’t overdo it.

2) Selfies For Every Occasion-

Interestingly, I’m always surrounded by selfie obsessed people and I hate it to the core. Not that I don’t take selfies but I’m certainly not addicted. I’m sure all can relate to this, individuals who take anywhere between 5 to 20 photos of themselves, often during the same day or hour.

3) Checking Your Emails Often-

Many of us do this and we may not even be aware of it. I fall into this category, as I always feel my boss will mail or reply, so my hand automatically goes to see & check if I have received mails from him. One study showed that 40 percent of us checked our inboxes at least 6 to 20 times a day. Note- I have not counted how much I do.

4) Unnecessary Status Updates-

These people keep updating status after every 2 or 3 hour. I call these people blood suckers why, because they update status like feel terrible or heartbroken etc. But certainly I am not interested to know how you feel every hour. Instead put status that adds value or that truly defines you

5) Using Too Much Instagram Space-

These are people who post 4 t 8 photos on Instagram at once from the same event. Unless you’re a news organization or you run that company, chances are people won’t appreciate you clogging up their feeds with repetitive posts.

6) Liking Sprees-

These are people on Facebook and Instagram who decide to like 20 things at once and take over your notification feed. Everybody loves having likes in their post, but it’s certainly not necessary every time the same person post something by habit you have to like it or your been too lazy to comment, so what better than to like

7) Too Many Games-

My husband fits in this category. First it was Farmville and now it’s probably Candy Crush. Not only are game invitations annoying, but if you’re downloading them on your phone, they can also take up a lot of space. Like its eating away my time to spend with him.PRO TIP: De-clutter your apps once in a while. If you’re not using or playing a game in particular, delete.

8) One-Line Respondents-

People who respond with “lol,” “OK,” or “cool,” after you spend 10 minutes crafting a long and personalized text or email. An honorable mention goes out to those of you who text one-liners at the last minute before cancelling  an event or showing up late. PRO TIP: If you’re too busy to answer, just say it. It’s better to be honest than leave people hanging with a thoughtless response

9) Checking In… All The Time-

For those who check in on Facebook and other social media platforms to notify the world where they are. Not only is it annoying to keep on “check in” every time like I’m at friend’s house or at the library, letting the world know that  you are not at home can also lead to home invasions. PRO TIP: Privacy has become an issue for many social media sites, so be careful how often and where you check in.

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