My friend Shriya believes it’s hard to say Goodbye. But I believe, saying Goodbye is beginning of something good. I have tried few techniques to stay away from negative vibes coming  from various people. Honestly, it was tough remembering all the 6 tips which was shared by my Mom at the moment of situation faced. But some has worked for me. Hope it does for you too.

Wave Bye To Negative People Around You

We all have negative people around us, and it’s easy for me to say just drop them, but you have to find a way. It’s not easy to avoid them. Negative people are energy suckers, they suck the life out of you until you get down to their way of thinking. I am sure you can think of a few people just now who are like this.

The best way to keep them away is by ignoring what they say. Choosing not to engage much in conversation doesn’t mean ignoring them, but it does mean maintaining your emotional distance. Don’t let it affect you, try staying calm & still. Negative people tend to exaggerate, focus on their negativity, and ignore the positive. Instead try giving noncommittal answers that neither encourage nor condemn the negativity. “Okay,” or “I see,” are two examples.

You can even divert your conversation to something nice & light like for example, you might say, “I understand that you’re upset about not passing in exam. So, tell me more about your plans for vacation.”

Don’t Care About The Mistakes You Have Made

We all make mistakes smaller or bigger be it. Your mistakes in life serve as a reminder of what not to do in the future, simple as that. Your mind set about mistakes is what makes all the difference here; you can be in two categories on mistakes:

1: I made a mistake I am such a loser, I totally embarrassed myself, and I’ll never be able to show my face in public again.

2: I made a mistake, so what  at least I learned what not to do.

Nobody has ever succeeded in life without failing a few times, so making mistakes is nothing but a process of learning something valuable in life.

Wave Bye To The Past

Like time once gone can never come back so is past experiences. So why dwell on things that have happened in the past when there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it, you can make amends for the past, you can say you’re sorry about something you’ve done in the past but the fact remains the past has happened and it can’t be changed.

The more you think about the past, the more your mind lives there, and it can be a hard getting back to living in the here and now, and looking forward to the future. If a child has lost someone dear, make him understand life’s cycle. All living creatures must die sometime, so don’t waste time thinking about the lost person instead try to make for the loss.

Bye Bye Self Portrait Image

You are not the same person all the time to everyone you meet. You act differently depending on the people you are with at the time, you don’t speak or act the same way with your mates as you do with your parents, but really you should. You should have enough confidence to be the same with every single person who shares your life.

How many of us have cursed our bosses in mind? We all have, but when asked we back off; instead of saying the truth. Your right easy said than done, because being true to yourself need courage.

Drop trying to please everyone

It’s impossible, to please everyone, even if you’re the nicest and loving person in the world there’s always someone who will not like you for some reason. Let it go, it’s okay for some people not to like you, and it’s more than okay for you to stop going out of your way to try and please them.

Be yourself, and if someone doesn’t like you for being yourself at least you’ll respect yourself for being you. Like gifting your strict teacher when you don’t like them, just so to get more marks.People working in client servicing would understand this better.

Drop worrying about the future

If you do your best today, your future has already been taken care of.


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