Mom & Me

It has been more than 3 yrs since you left all of us. As usual I’m failing to put my words across. You left us when I needed you the most; I was in the peak of making career. God knows how I cleared my PG. You were my world, you were my friend, mother & father as well. Not only you were loved teacher, you were an inspiration to all those students whom you thought. I wanted to be like you, but don’t know whether I am. All I know is I am still running away from responsibility & myself may be.

Life was tough for all 3 of us after dad passed…….. You thought me and Vishal (brother) to move on in life. We both children’s of you have seen you fight all odds like a lioness and indeed you were. I had plans made up for all 3 of us after I get the job. I wanted to give you everything that you deserved. But when I accepted the fact, I cannot do anything to save you; I was torn apart feeling helpless and worthless.
I have tried to let go of the feeling and the awful memory of those last months of yours and think good. But the truth remains I can’t get them off…it pains me, as a reminder I failed.

But today as when I encounter a trouble your teachings help me get through it and at times I have the hallucination that you’re with me. And then when realization hit me back my heart bleeds for you.
But today, I find you in vishal guiding, protecting and supporting me. At times I wonder; is this brother I knew. Today the bond I and he shares are rare it’s totally in-explainable. And hence whatever time I get with him it’s just our moment.

Well there is so much more to say….. But my hands are trembling to type.

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